Laughing Buddha Woodburned Bracelet

Laughing Buddha Woodburned Bracelet

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The Laughing Buddha is also known as Happy Buddha or Matreiya and is believed to have extraordinary happiness, patience and compassion. It is said that he stomachs all troubles and transforms them into happiness.
He is also regarded as one of the gods of wealth and keeping this symbol at home is said to bring prosperity, happiness & success. Wear him on your arm and keep prosperity, happiness & success with you all day!

I woodburn each by hand and add touches of color with a rub on metallic powder paint, watercolor paint and color the inside with acrylic paint. The final coats are done in a non-allergic varnish. Each bracelet comes with a satin bag.

Please let me know what size you would like as most bracelets will be made to order. Also, please allow about one week for production time unless I have one in stock at the time you order.

I can make them in sizes:
Small~2 1/2 inches inner diameter
Medium~2 5/8 inches inner diameter
Large~2 3/4 inches inner diameter