Chinese Water Dragon Woodburning/Painting

Chinese Water Dragon Woodburning/Painting

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This Chinese Dragon is made from two large pieces of pine. I cut and completely sanded each piece, then hand drew my design. After the design was complete, I used the wood burning machine and burned and shaded the design into the wood. I stained the wood with watered down acrylic paints and water color paints. I then added the more detailed colors with watercolor paints and rub on powdered pearl paint. I added gold leaf as small accents along the edges and also made the Dragon's jewel with gold leaf. The two pieces are attached from the back by 4 brass fasteners which show between the 1/2 inch gap as an accent. The piece is coated by a UV protectant varnish.

The Chinese Dragon's shape represents spiraling DNA- the path to greater enlightenment. Chinese Dragons are the ultimate symbol of good fortune. They are associated with abundance, prosperity, protection, health and long life. The five toed dragon is also known as the Healing Dragon.
The jewel clutched in the Dragon's claw is known as the pearl of wisdom. Each pearl the Dragon collects represents another level of wisdom on the Dragon's path to enlightenment.

This piece is one of a kind, designed and completely hand made by me. I enjoy every moment of the creative process. From sanding the wood to the final coat of varnish, each piece is a journey and a learning experience that cannot be recreated.

This Dragon would make a lovely addition to a home, an office or a meditation room!

The overall size is 48" W x 25" H