Laughing Buddha Woodburned Bowl

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The Laughing Buddha is also known as Happy Buddha and is believed to have extraordinary happiness, patience and compassion. It is said that he stomachs all troubles and transforms them into happiness.
He is also regarded as one of the gods of wealth and keeping this symbol at home is said to bring prosperity, happiness and success.

I woodburned this Happy Buddha by hand and added touches of color with watercolor paint and rub on metallic paint. The final coats are done in a non-allergic water based varnish which is food safe and recommended for mostly dry foods: fruit, bread, cheese & crackers, cookies etc.(I think he prefers cookies!!)
Please clean gently by hand with a soft sponge, soap and cold water.

These bowls/trays are carved from mango trees grown in Thailand. The mango tree bears fruit for around 40 years and is then cut down by farmers to make room for new seedlings. It is then reclaimed by local craftsmen and hand carved into beautiful shapes, furniture, art and also these bowls which I then add my own art to. Eco-friendly and beautiful! Use them to serve food, hold your keys or remotes or purely as decoration.

The measurements are approximately: 14 L, 8" W, 3" H.

Please note that each bowl/tray is unique and will vary slightly in size and shape.